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I am Alyona, a Relationship Architect

Are you a freshly engaged couple looking to future-proof your relationship? Or a seasoned couple needing to repair a few cracks of your relationship house?

In my immersive relationship transformation programs, I show couples from all walks of life how to be a stronger and more successful team, how to connect deeply emotionally and physically, and how to have a relationship that works for you and not against you!  

I believe that most challenges within romantic relationships come not from the partners being uncaring or incompatible but from a lack of understanding of how relationships work. Let me share with you specific, science-based, smart relationship strategies. Together, we design and build your dream relationship.

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We were given the tools to evolve into the best version of us as a unit. We just got engaged and are so excited! We may not have got this far without Aly’s amazing direction.
We will be forever grateful!


Immersive Relationship Transformation Programs

Around 50,000 couples divorce in Australia each year and, unsurprisingly, the number has gone up since the pandemic. Nearly half of all marriages last less than 10 years, meaning that in many cases, these separating families have primary-school children.


The emotional and financial toll of these separations is hard to overstate. In most cases, there is no need for it. Especially if we can catch the issues early - before small piles of stuff under the carpet turn into mountains that bring down the whole relationship.


If you want to enjoy your relationship more - or futureproof it - let me show you how.


Our Location

The programs are run either from my Mornington practice or from our unique couples space in Mount Eliza, Victoria. 

Couples travelling from afar can choose to stay in our couples retreat Sunset House in Mount Eliza (subject to availability). 

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